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An unfortunantely typical conversation with a student before a show

STUDENT ACTIVITIES BOARD CONTACT: Anything you guys need before the show?
US: Just to turn off the TVs next to the stage where people are playing video games before the show starts and turn off a couple of these extra lights if we can.
SABC: I don’t think we can do either we just reserve the stage not any of the area surrounding the stage?
US: its going to be kind of distracting otherwise.
SABC: It should be fine we had bingo here a couple weeks ago and that went ok.
US:Comedy and bingo are a little different.
(silence as we stare at each other)
MY INNER MONOLOGUE: I’m really making it!

Carolina Sketchfest

I had the honor of doing double duty at the first ever Carolina Sketchfest by performing with Unstoppable Failure(as Mon Frere) and a solo Thunderstood set.  The event was hosted by my hilarious friends the Feral Chihuahuas and also included a very funny group of ladies from Asheville the Lylas.  Everyone had a great set for the sold out crowd and it was really one of the best shows and experiences I’ve been a part of.  Don’t miss out next time this thing comes around…also the audience got free beer courtesy of a local brewery, which is nice.