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What Else?

In addition to comedy, I also make puppets, paint, draw, and a bevy of other skills that will never get me a job you can check out some of that stuff out over here.
Articles and Reviews
My show was reviewed at SF Sketchfest when I featured for Killing my Lobster check it out. REVIEW 1 Check it out again. REVIEW 2 . Also sometimes I get in the paper you can find an example of one such occurance here and another example here.
Occasionally I teach workshops or classes in various comedy forms or visual art you can get a copy of my CV back there where it said "CV".
Pixelated Geek
Pixelated Geek is a helpful site for keeping up with all that is geeky. I have a number of friends that write for them, and my sketch troupe occasional makes videos for them or publishes clips from our shows on their site. I will not tell you were to find them.


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